Account & Customer Relations


  • Finance; handling company day to day finance activities, including the payment for crew’s visa, PPE, sign on formalities, etc.
  • Crew Payroll; preparing monthly crew wages and distribute the wages to crew’s beneficiaries
  • Crew Insurance; handling crew accident and insurance claims

Customer Relations

  • Customer Relations; we are ready 24/7 for any crewing matter/issue as requested by Principal
  • Business Development; monitoring and following any new issues, laws, regulations and development in the maritime industry, especially those which are related to crewing industry

General Affairs

  • Legal; handling all legal issues related to company’s activities, including to ensure that all the activities are carried out in accordance and not in conflict with applicable law and regulations
  • Human Resources; handling human resources activities, including the upgrading or training of company’s resources/personnel
  • IT; we are developing a web-based crew administration system, whereas our Principal will be given a direct access so they can easily access the crew’s database anytime anywhere, including to directly download all crew’s documents and certificates