About Us



To become Crew Management company offering a most excellent services and best practices to its principals in the field of maritime, hospitality and seafood industries with a commitment to continuous improvement.


  • To place qualified and dedicated Indonesian Seafarer, Hospitality Staff, Fishing Crew and Seafood Processor worldwide.
  • To become a reliable and long-term partnership for our Principal, focusing to support safe operation with a combination of quality performance and cost efficiency.
  • To ensure the health and safety of seafarer/hospitality staff/fishing crew and seafood processor and put a highest concern to the protection and prevention of the marine/job environment.
  • Play an active role in monitoring and the ability to adapt with the new regulations in maritime and hospitality industries.

We pay utmost attention to achieve the highest standards of product and customer service quality by implementing International Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and make it our goal not only to comply with, but also to continuously seek ways to overcome and set new practices in crewing process.

We constantly improve quality of our services to meet client expectations and regularly monitor client satisfaction levels through customer feedback and perception analysis, and take corrective measures where we notice gaps between our services and client aspirations.

We have successfully certified for Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service Providers (SRPS) as per Reg 1.4 MLC 2006 from ClassNK Japan.


Tangke B. Padang, Marine Engineer
Managing Director

Capt. Sumadi Sumarjono, Master Mariner
Crewing Manager

Capt. Junggu Paris Manurung, Master Mariner
Crew Superintendent,
Recruitment & Selection

Juma Linopadang, Marine Engineer
Ass. Crew Superintendent,
Recruitment & Selection (Seafarer)

I Wayan Suparman, Hotel Diploma
Ass. Crew Superintendent, Recruitment & Selection (Hospitality Staff-Bali)

Rusman, Navigation Officer
Ass. Crew Superintendent, Recruitment & Selection (Fishing Crew & Seafood Processor)

Enny Wijayanti, Bachelor of Business Administration
Crew Superintendent, Crew Operations

Yulianti Tondok, Bachelor of Business Administration
Ass. Crew Superintendent, Crew Operations

Wanti Umar, Business Administration Diploma
Ass. Crew Superintendent, Crew Operations

Capt. Benny Baharianto, Master Mariner
Assessment & Training Manager

Embon Bokin, Marine Engineer
Maritime Training Coordinator

Julian Kemal Pasha, Master of English Literature
Maritime English Coordinator

Jumianti Ali, Bachelor of Finance
Account Coordinator

We have been experienced to supply our seafarer, hospitality staff, fishing crew & seafood processor to work on board our Principals’ various types of vessel, hotel/cruise ship, processing plant below:
Offshore Support Vessels
  • Pacific Richfield Marine, Singapore
    (AHTS, Crew Boat, Accomodation Barge, PSV, OSV, Tug Boat)
  • Esnaad – Adnoc Group, UAE
    (AHTS, Crew Boat, PSV, OSV)
  • Berlitz Offshore, Singapore
    (AHTS and Ocean Tug)
  • Sea & Vessel Co. L.L.C, UAE
    (AHTS and Tug Boat)
Bulkcarrier & Multipurpose
  • Claus-Peter Offen Tankschiffreederei, Germany
    (Capesize Bulkcarrier)
  • Dekoil Shipping, Greece
    (Handymax Bulkcarrier)
  • Alphamate Commodity, Germany
    (Multipurpose; 8,000 DWT)
  • Amalthia Marine Inc, Greece
    (Handysize & Handymax Bulkcarrier)
  • Raffles Shipmanagement, Singapore
    (Bulkcarrier, Supramax)
Tanker Ships
  • Global Seaways, Greece
    (Oil Tanker/Chemical Tanker; 5,000 – 16,000 DWT)
  • EA Technique Berhad, Malaysia
    (Oil Tanker; 3,500 – 12,000 DWT)
Fishing Vessels
  • Albacora SA, Spain
    (Purse Seiner and Reefer Cargo)
  • Pevasa SA, Spain
    (Purse Seiner, and Reefer Cargo)
  • Horizon Fisheries, Maldives
    (Reefer Cargo)
Specialist Delivery Vessels
  • International Maritime Services, Australia
    (AHTS, Tug Boat, Ferry Ro-Ro, etc)
Cruise Ship
  • Neptune Shipmanagement, Cyprus
  • Rotana Groups, United Arab Emirates
  • Jebel Ali Hotel, United Arab Emirates